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Croix Chatelain has all the paraphernalia that you need to be a perfect sower: seeders, fibre pots, labels and label holders, supports, protective covers, meshes or sheets.

You will also find planting kits and mini glass houses in our range, they are easy to assemble and will foster the germination and the growth of your seedlings until it is time to replant them.

Greenhouse gardening is accessible to everyone

Greenhouse gardening does not necessarily require a great deal of technical equipment or money. It is a form of leisure that is more and more popular that is a great source of pleasure and satisfaction. It is a fantastic experience to savour the fresh taste of herbs and vegetables that you have grown yourself.

What do you want your greenhouse to do?

  • To start off plants earlier in the year and bring blossoms to your garden earlier.
  • to protect seedlings from external influences: wind, frost, hail and even birds.
  • to grow more delicate, rare or exotic plants
  • as a healthy, back-to-nature hobby, even in town

In addition to greenhouses, other options, that are less expensive and require less room make it possible to grow seedlings right up to the transplanting stage. You no longer need a big garden to plant and grow all kinds of flowers, herbs and vegetables yourself.


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