Growing Fleece

This growing fleece can be an excellent alternative to protect cabbages and vegetables in your vegetable garden from butterflies; protect your carrots from carrot flies but also from the cold, storms, heavy rains.

To combine with:

  • Growing fleece for tomatoes: growing fleece for tomatoes that protects from the cold and promotes growth by the greenhouse effect of climbing plants.
  • Tomato stake that can also be used for all types of climbing plants. This 7 mm diameter galvanized steel stake is very strong. It has a hook on top that, in addition to not forming a point and therefore a danger to the eyes, can be suspended in anticipation of the heavy weight of the plant or be connected with other tomato stakes to form a kind of obelisk.

Croix Chatelain offers a wide range of fleeces and accessories to promote the growth of all your plantations.