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A team that is dedicated to your service

Croix Chatelain, a dynamic team of 31 members.
The majority of our staff members have been working at Croix Chatelain for many years. They know all the tricks of the trade. Feel free to ask them anything you want, they will jump through hoops to answer you.

I feel so lucky to work in the gardening sector. The products are fun, trendy and every year there are loads of innovations. Not to mention the long tradition that we have with Croix Chatelain: we share the exact same set of values! 
Patrice Orban, Sales Manager – France
At Croix Chatelain, I learn something new every day. We really have a great group dynamic “There is no I in TEAM” – we are constantly looking for new trends to meet our customers’ needs.

Frédéric Van Nieuwenhoven, Junior Sales

Specialists that are here to listen to you

Our team of representatives is here for you. They will help you to find the best products to suit your needs, your budget and regional features. They advise and inform all partners on how to highlight their products in order to inspire and delight customers.

Frédéric Van Nieuwenhoven

Sales Representative Brussels & Brabant

+32 (0)472 85 73 49

Wesley Van Bocxlaer

Sales Representative East and West Flanders

+32 (0)478 80 14 21

Patrick Isenborghs

Sales Representative Antwerpen and Limbourg

+32 (0)496 82 80 72

Patrice Orban

Sales Representative Wallonia

+32 (0)476 36 00 18

Patrice Orban

Sales Representative

+32 (0)476 36 00 18

Janneke Meeuwis

Sales Representative Netherlands

+31 (0)6 26 53 23 66 

Karina Steensen

Sales Representative Denmark

+45 (0)23 93 67 74

Loïc Imbern

Rachid Zaoujal

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