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Garden Care

A well kept garden: What a joy !

The garden is a wonderful friendly place to welcome both big and little ones alike: we're talking about family and friends of course, but also animals and plants. An emotional place and a place for sharing, where we observe the passing of the seasons and the cycle of life, a constant source of wonder and happiness, the garden does you a world of good.

It more than deserves our full attention and all our care.

Looking after the garden is good for your health: physical activity tones muscles that may be need of some activity. It is also an excellent morale booster: working the soil with your hands or inhaling the scent of the last blossoming rose helps to completely de-stress us.

Croix Chatelain helps you to take care of your garden in a thousand different ways.


Rain barrel & gutter brush guard

Water, this natural resource essential to all living beings, is becoming scarcer. To save it when gardening, take it at… read more →

Pop Up Solid Garden Bag

September is usually synonymous with falling leaves. The Pop Up Solid bag with its large capacity (182 L) is the… read more →

Bird nets

The bird net protects the young shoots of your vegetable garden from greedy birds. It can be applied to structures… read more →








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