GreenCare: a range of ecological pots

In the garden as well, there is a growing trend towards ecology and recycling. This is why a number of pots and planters are now available in eco-friendly materials.

GreenCare : the new “eco” range from Garden ID

Among the new products presented at the JDC Garden Trends show in early April in Marseille, Croix Chatelain’s GreenCare line is a range of flower pots made from 65% plastic waste, 5% agricultural waste and 30% natural stone powder.

100% eco-friendly recycled plastic pots

In the garden or on the terrace, plastic has gradually replaced terracotta, mainly because it is lighter and easier to handle, but also more resistant and economical.

But, it is no secret that plastic does not have a good reputation among our planet’s lovers. It was therefore urgent to find materials that were more environmentally friendly.

That is how the Green Care range was born, as part of a sustainable development approach.  As beautiful and elegant as the usual pots, these recycled pots come in several shapes and colours.



Green Care : elegant and environmentally friendly pots

Giving plastic a second life (or even several lives) is undoubtedly a way to protect our planet, by recycling and reusing raw materials that are not everlasting and whose waste is a major source of pollution.


In addition, the combination with natural stone powder gives this range of pots an unrivalled elegance and solidity.


The Green Care line is currently available in 4 sizes and 3 shades. Round or square, high or low, they will find their place on every terrace or balcony and in every garden.

The neutral shades of these containers will enhance your floral compositions and graphic foliage plants.


The Belgian-designed Green Care range is both elegant and durable, blending the useful with the pleasant. Not to be missed!