Together, we will go further!

If, like us, you are passionate about nature, gardening and beautiful decorations, we are made to get along.

Croix Chatelain offers each of its partners an extremely effective combination of kindness, complicity and experience. Growing your business and advising your sales teams is our priority.

Croix Chatelain inspires you

What is important for us is to be able to support and inspire our partners by combining our knowledge of products, markets and trends, our curiosity and our constant search for innovative products with local business practices and changing consumer expectations.

Croix Chatelain is at your side

We put all our energy and know-how at the service of our partners in order to offer them the best advice and tools.

Thanks to our network of more than 1000 points of sale, we have an inexhaustible source of examples, ideas and tips to share. Because it is by listening to professionals, customers and salespeople that opportunities multiply for everyone.

Leading player in the pottery, decoration and gardening accessories sector

In Belgium, France and all over Europe, Croix Chatelain is aimed at professionals who share the same passion for a relaxed and joyful way of life in the heart of nature.

Creators of the Garden ID brand and distributors of innovative and renowned brands such as Scheurich, Gardman, Xala, Oasis, NDT and many others, we take pleasure in offering the best products and services at the best price.

Will you be our next partner?

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