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Floral Oasis

There is a type of foam suitable for every floral arrangement

The OASIS® range of floral foams consists of several types of foams with specific features for different requirements. The purpose is to allow florists to work in the best possible conditions and with the greatest degree of efficacy.

  • Oasis Economy: for flowers and soft stems or little arrangements
  • Oasis Rainbow: the foam is no longer hidden, it is part of the decoration – three stylish shades (ivory, purple, lime). In perfect harmony with the vase containing the arrangement. This foam can be used either wet (with a holder) or dry.
  • Oasis Ideal: This medium density universal foam is perfectly suited to the majority of arrangements. It is available in a huge number of different shapes: cylindrical, cone, cake, spherical, ring, heart, centre-piece, etc.


The benefits of OASIS® foams for cut flowers

  • Speed of saturation: you save time during every arrangement
  • Quantity of water: each oasis® foam brick can hold up to 1.9 litres of water.
  • Acidity and durability: an environment with an optimum pH limits the development of bacteria.
  • Thanks to its cellular structure, the oasis®  foam retains at least 98% of the water absorbed.
  • Uniform irrigation, regardless of the depth of the stems inserted in the foam,
  • Perfect support for all types of stems – frail or stiff
  • Resistance: regardless of the quantity of stems inserted in it, the foam brick can withstand it


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