Your store: an inspiring place

Consumers have changed their purchasing behaviour. Faced with the easy access to online shops and the multiplication of customer reviews on social networks, each merchant must make his store an inspiring place to attract, seduce and bring back customers.

The store becomes a showroom where customers come to find inspiration, test and compare. They often come here to have a good time, to find that little something extra they won’t find online.

Shopping becomes an experience, a friendly moment to share with family or friends. To create a qualitative experience (and encourage customers to come back), your store must therefore be a pleasant place to visit. The way it is organised and the way products are arranged is very important.

In-store experience: 4 aspects not to be overlooked

The flow through your store

  • Clearly indicate the different areas (faster access for busy customers);
  • Provide sufficient space around the displays to facilitate the passage of the trolleys;
  • Pay particular attention to the presentation of high-traffic areas (impulsive shopping areas).

Visual impact of your displays

  • Combine colours and regularly renew your displays over the seasons;
  • Take care of labelling and packaging. Be clear and complete (size, price, material, benefits);
  • Add a digital key: a demonstration video, a tester, etc.

Space optimization

  • Limited space? Play on verticality.
  • Take care of the lighting of certain key areas;
  • Look for the “wow” effect with a creative staging.

Staging the products

  • Increase the perceived value compared to the real value (combine plants and pots, create new sets, with new accessories, etc.);
  • The DIY is gaining ground: be inspiring and allow copies; organise workshops; share your expertise;
  • Combine bestsellers and lesser-known products;
  • Create unexpected sets (diverted, recycled objects, etc.).