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In winter, in our latitudes, some garden plants need protection from frost, whether it is roses on stem or young fruit trees whose trunk can split because of frost!

Croix Chatelain offers a wide range of winter veils and frost protection covers, from the smallest to the largest.

  • Wintering veils (30gr/m²) come in the form of rolls, bags or leaves
  • Covers (from 50gr/m² to 100gr/m²) respond to two essential concerns: what actually protects the plant and what makes it easier for the gardener? This makes it possible to winter the plants while continuing to maintain them despite their protection. And even if your plants are more voluminous, there is a suitable solution.

When to use your protections?

In late fall

As soon as the morning frosts appear, cover the fragile but non-gelling subjects. You will protect them from cold winds and keep a little more the heat of the sun.

During winter

Check and ventilate the protections regularly, tighten the veils. Insulation is better if it does not touch foliage.

Early spring

Some shrubs fear late frosts that threaten young shoots and flower buds. The wintering veil will protect them effectively.

4 elements for an efficient and cost effective cover:

  1. suitable insulating materials, resistant to UV radiation
  2. practical and easy to use closures,
  3. strong fabrics and felts (100 g / m²),
  4. washable materials.

Thereby, well maintained, your winter protections will accompany you for many years.








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