Insight & Foresight

At Croix Chatelain, innovation is second nature to us. We are constantly looking for new designers and continuously listening to trend setters. We seek to find new inspiration for our clients and design their future in collaboration with them. Fashion, we prefer to influence it rather than to follow it!

Each item in our collection is selected for its originality and its quality among the best brands on the market. And Croix Chatelain’s collection is redefined every year.

The world sparkles with innovation, talent and desires. These desires and the consumers’ expectations swirl together. The world whirls. People constantly reimagine the world that surrounds them and their way of living.

At Croix Chatelain, we gather all these indicators together and filter them so that we can offer you the very best to surprise and enchant all nature lover.

By creative intelligence

  • We are always in tune with everything that moves, reflects and is made in the garden and decoration sector. As such we are constantly alert to anything that could put us – and you – a step ahead.
  • We find inspiration everywhere: journeys, meetings, interactions with other sectors, reading, fashion
  • Everything is in harmony: we think in terms of ranges, colour harmonies and accessories

Everything continues to multiply: expertise and the disciplines intersect, enriching – through design, marketing, packaging, ecology and sociology – and bringing our collections to the next level each time we make a new discovery.

By marketing intelligence

It is through  a dialogue with all our partners – producers, retailers, practitioners, without forgetting our customers and enlightened lovers of garden and decoration, that we expand and enhance our already fabulous range to suit your needs.

New consumer behaviours? New sales strategies? New products and distribution channels?
Information on trends and strategic expertise are shared, helping every customer to think ahead and be innovative.

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