The Belgian and his garden

The Belgian also has a garden in his belly

The results of various surveys conducted by CRIOC, COMEOS and ILIV in 2012 and 2013 show that Belgians are very attached to their gardens. A garden makes us happy, less stressed and makes us feel more at home in our house. More than 50% of Belgians have their own garden.

The statistics vary according to the sources but all confirm the growing interest that Belgians have in their garden.

  • According to the Crioc survey (2012), more than one Belgian in two has a small piece of greenery attached to his home.
  • In the Comeos survey (2013), 92% of respondents said they had a garden!
  • Finally, the figures provided by ILIV (2013), the Observatory of Life at Home sponsored by Ikea, show that 73% have a garden, 14% a terrace.

Green makes you happy

The garden is an important component of the house and the feeling of “home”. Green makes you happy: anyone who can sit outside is less stressed, feels more at home and is happier in life.

To the question: “What makes you feel at home somewhere?”, the Belgian answers first of all “the people I love”, and then “my garden”.

The green dream

Whoever doesn’t have a garden dreams of it. Whoever doesn’t have a terrace wants a view of the greenery. Ask a Belgian about the house of his dreams and he will tell you first about the garden: 58% consider the garden to be essential.

Rethinking gardening

A study by the Flemish government reveals that in 2060 there will be 12.7 million of us in Belgium. In other words, there will be less green space. Belgians will therefore have to learn to settle for smaller gardens and rethink gardening.

This trend towards shrinking gardens is already underway. And, as you will have noticed, the demand for specific equipment and facilities for terraces, micro gardens and balconies continues to grow.

At the same time, new forms of gardens are emerging: participatory gardens, collective gardens, vegetable gardens on balconies, vertical gardens, not to mention the enthusiasm for roofs and green facades. And they too are changing the demand for products and services.

With this in mind, retailers will have to find new sources of inspiration to attract these new gardeners and meet their needs for advice and expertise.