Rain barrel & gutter brush guard

Water, this natural resource essential to all living beings, is becoming scarcer. To save it when gardening, take it at the source: fallen from the sky, it is free, better for your plants because softer, untreated and at temperature. Prefer it and collect it to preserve our beautiful planet.

Croix Chatelain offers different types of tanks that allow you to meet most of your garden’s water needs.

Collectors from 100 to 320L

• The Balcony rainsaver

Designed for small spaces, this water collector is both discreet and space-saving. It is supplied with a lid and a tap and is connected to the gutter.
Dimensions: 38 x 38 x 94cm high for a capacity of 100 L.

• The Garden-IT wall

This model of wall tank, treated anti-UV, is not bulky but of great capacity. It comes with all useful accessories: cover, wall mounting kit, drain valve, external gauge, tap. Its dimensions: 60 x 40 x 135 cm. Capacity: 320 L.

For other models, consult the Watering catalogue and the Recycling page.

A smart tool for gutters

• The Gutter brush guard

Without a protection system, the gutters become clogged, especially when autumn arrives: accumulation of dead leaves, moss, various debris.

To avoid frequent cleaning tasks, think of the gutter brush guard. Made of a stainless steel spiral and rot-proof polypropylene bristles, it fits into the gutter and prevents plant waste from accumulating. The leaves cling to the upper part of the hedgehog, while the captured small debris decomposes and then naturally evacuates over the seasons. Length: 4m.