Which pot to choose for my orchid?

The appropriate pots for orchids are those that allow you to follow their growth and easily check the moisture content of the roots. The ideal is therefore a transparent pot and a planter to match the colour of your orchid.

For a good start: moth orchid and transparent pot

If you are just beginning to grow orchids, start with a  phalaenopsis, also known as the moth orchid. They are among the most popular orchids grown in Europe. This success is based on:

  • how easy they are to grow
  • their magnificent flowering which can last for several months
  • and their ability to flower again

Then, use a transparent pot to keep an eye on the moisture content of your orchid’s roots.

How to care for your orchid ?

They are easy to care for as long as you follow a few rules:

  • Do not over-water: once every 8-10 days is enough. Too much water risks rotting the roots.
  • Use an atomizer spray bottle  containing non-limestone water, ensuring that you do not wet the center of the leaves.
  • You should soak your orchids once a week. Completely submerge the base of the plant. Leave for a few minutes. Then allow the root ball to drain. This procedure hydrates the roots (which become green again).

The orchids are generally sold in transparent pots, which allows you to check the condition of the roots and to evaluate the level of hydration.

The roots are green, I do not water.
The roots become white, I do water!

Where to set up your orchid ?

The ideal place is not too dry and is well ventilated (but not in an air current), with a lot of light, but not in direct sunlight.
The ideal temperature is between 17 and 23°C.  Avoid placing them above a radiator or on a window sill that is too exposed to sunlight.

To show off your orchids, Croix Chatelain has selected several types of pots specially adapted to growing them: elegant cuts, tall cylindrical pots in bright or neutral colors, to suit all surroundings.

The orchid is equally suited to the office and the home to your living room, the kitchen or the bathroom.