Points of sale

1000+ Sales Partners! Will you be the next one?

Of course Croix Chatelain is committed to providing you with the best products at the best price. But we are also committed to  revealing the latest winning recipes to delight your customers.


80% of information enters the brain through our vision. How the point of sale is set up and how the decoration or gardening items are presented is therefore far from trivial. This is why Croix Chatelain also advises you on marketing issues in relation to your point of sale and on new means of communication with your clients.

A factor in the success of your company

Nowadays, all the distribution channels intersect. E-commerce attracts more and more online consumers but the shop on the high street still has a bright future, so long as it reinvents itself. Being on the same wavelength as the client, knowing what consumers want and being able to give it to them, this is the challenge that all companies must accept. And we can help you!

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