Playful garden accessories

Play of light

Your green oasis – garden, terrace or balcony – is above all a place of relaxation and pleasure. The gaze lingers on plants and objects and captures subtle play of light.

playful accessories

Small accessories in suave design contribute to the magic of the place. Their name is evocative: Happy Shine. These are stylized and fluorescent little birds that like to perch on the edge of massifs to capture the light. We love it, don’t you?

Perched birds and butterflies stakes

Some plants need support, that’s for sure. In this case, why not combine the useful with the pleasant and opt for decorative stakes. Between the plant and its support is whispered a story that your children will like to hear… Can you tell it?

Moreover, these magnificent stakes will give a little mutinous side to your garden… that even your friends the birds (the real ones) will know how to appreciate.

playful accessories

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