Planters, flower boxes and saucers

Drainage of excess water is vital for the health of plant roots. Plant Saucers and drip dishes help contain overwatering and are very useful in monitoring the plants water levels. Plant Saucers not only collect water, save spillage of both water and compost, but can add the finishing touch to a beautiful looking houseplant or patio plant.

Planters and saucers: the perfect match

Croix Chatelain offers a wide assortment of saucers and dollies or extensible caddies for all your flower pots and window boxes.
Round, square or rectangular, transparent or colored (9 shades match the pots main lines); with or without wheels; our saucers come in ultra resistant PVC but also metal, wood or terra cotta.

The primary function of a plant saucer is providing protection to surfaces from water damage. Inside, a saucer protects your flooring from humidity and stains.