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Be happy! Be green!

Urban life and our busy schedules have progressively distanced us from nature… but the trend is about to reverse! 

More and more city dwellers are delighted to rediscover the joys that nature offers: the colours, the flavours, the smells that change with the seasons and brighten up every moment with a special atmosphere.

Seek out nature and you will be repaid tenfold

The gardens and the DIY centres have never known such success! Nature is reclaiming its rightful position. And everyone enjoys the pleasure of living in harmony with nature again.

We are reinventing spaces, transforming small courtyards into micro gardens, starting vegetable gardens on the balcony. We are planting more window boxes and pots of colourful flowers, manicured bushes and we are rediscovering the art of outdoor living.

Reinventing objects

Xala designs watering cans in the form of coffee pots, wasp catchers in the shape of flowers perched on a bottle or even rain water collectors in the shape of a cabinet, they have realised the attraction of being able to reinvent objects.

Our imagination knows no bounds. We look at nature and are inspired by it. It adapts wonderfully to its environment and can reinvent itself when it needs to.

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