In November, in the garden, winter is getting ready

In November, the garden gradually enters its rest period. The aisles and balcony are actively preparing for winter. It's time to protect fragile plants or shelter them. But we must also think about next spring and plant the bulbs and install the perennials while the soil is still warm and soft.

The last works in the garden


  • Regularly rake dead leaves, place them on compost or use them to protect the feet of the most sensitive plantations.
  • Eliminate fallen & damaged fruit, they can carry diseases.
  • Clean with diluted bleach and store empty pots and planters in a room. If you leave them outside, turn them over to prevent them from filling with water and bursting from the frost.
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  • Plant the bulbs for spring. Do not delay any longer because the ground will soon become too hard.
  • Follow the saying: "On St Catherine's Day (November 25), all woods take root". Without hesitation, plant trees and shrubs now: you will facilitate the rooting before the first winter frosts and will ensure a better recovery in spring.
  • Trim trees and shrubs before they fall asleep until spring. And don't forget to protect the wounds with healing mastic.


  • Bring in frost-sensitive plants: they fear the cold and damp November. Check for parasites. Cut and treat affected areas.
  • Straw and lay a winter veil on sensitive plants that cannot be brought in. Wrap the pots in plastic bubble wrap to prevent the roots from freezing and to protect the pottery.
  • Remove the saucers to prevent root rot due to stagnant water and to protect them from freezing. Place the pots on wooden wedges to insulate them from the ground in case of frost.
  • Bring in the garden hose. Or, in any case, unplug it and empty it completely. Turn off the outside taps and cover them to protect them from the cold.
  • Clean and store your garden furniture. Cover them with a protective cover. They are available in all sizes to fit all your equipment. That way you'll find it intact next spring.

Inside: light and humidity

House plants also enter the resting period.

  • If possible, install them in a less heated room, at a temperature not exceeding 18° C during the day and around 15° C at night.
  • Avoid fertilizing your indoor green plants and pond the foliage often to avoid drying out due to heating.
  • Install orchids in bright light. Water them copiously. Winter is, for them, the full season of the development of floral shoots, if, at least, they benefit from important humidity and heat.
  • To prevent the air from drying out, place humidifiers on the radiators, especially if you like tropical plants.
  • Only 2 months left until Christmas: it's time to think about forcing the amaryllis, hyacinth or narcissus bulbs to flower at the end of December.
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