Herbs and pots

Herbs planters

If cooking with fresh herbs is so popular these days, it is because their dietary and culinary benefits are universally acknowledged.

Easy to grow, aromatic herbs are perfect for the home. On the balcony, on the window sill or in the kitchen itself. The whole family love their fragrance. And the freshly picked herbs add delightful flavor to your dishes.

Not space hoggers, aromatic herbs are content growing in a pot or a small window box. They are available in bright colors – acid green, fuchsia, violet or more sober colors – white, taupe, sienna earth are available to suit all styles.


Maintenance tips

Aromatic herbs grown in a window box can grow abundantly, provided they are given the  minimum of care and are carefully combined. What they hate the most is over-watering.

  • In order to prevent water from stagnating (roots have difficulty dealing with it), choose a window box with a water reservoir or first add a 1 to 2 cm layer of gravel or expanded clay beads at the base of your window box.
  • To encourage regrowth, prune the ends of stems, remove the upper leaves and pick as and when required.
aromatic herbs

Good combinations

Before planting different herbs together, you should first ensure that they have the same requirements. And some, such as tarragon and mint prefer to be on their own. But most of them tolerate company well.

  • Parsley, chives, basil and sorrel go well together.
  • Thyme, which is drier, does better when combined with rosemary or bay leaf.
  • Oregano, chervil and marjoram can also be happily married together.

The combination of herbs and flowers produces window boxes with the most marvelous combinations of colors: Roman chamomile, nasturtium, wild pansy, etc.

aromatic herbs