Garden ID : Croix Chatelain new brand

You don't need to have green fingers to like being outside. No need for large spaces either. In fact, an increasing number of persons consider their (small) green spot as an extension of their home. It is often their favorite place to relax, entertain friends, breathe and reconnect with nature… in short, rediscover the true taste of life!

With these facts in mind, Croix Chatelain has created Garden-ID, a fun and easy brand, full of cute or funny little objects to design a world that suits you best.

Garden-ID : une marque qui vous ressemble

Are you tired of insipid settings, stereotypes and standardized environments ? Well, you should. Free yourself! Bring fantasy and imagination into your daily life. Let your heart and emotions speak for themselves. And give a wink to all the cranky people in life 😉

Garden-ID revisits different worlds to colour and spice up your green spaces, both in the city and in the countryside. With many little wonders that will quickly become iconic objects.

Garden-ID : a brand that celebrates all forms of life

At Croix Chatelain, we love all forms of life: animals, birds, flowers, insects. In short, everything that makes up the diversity of our beautiful planet. And we invite you to host them at your home. Children will be delighted and adults… will be moved.

Garden-ID is a host of small animals and birds made of metal or resin to place, hang or plant in the middle of flowerbeds, on a terrace, a window sill or to hang on the balcony.

Garden-ID : a cool and friendly brand

Because mixing fiction and reality creates a daily life that is so much more smiling and motivating, Garden-ID revisits the codes of decoration with a myriad of small characters that will delight young and old alike.

Garden-ID : a website and a catalogue to browse ASAP

We invite you to discover the variety of our ornaments, new indoor & outdoor pots and planters, numerous garden accessories, covers for outdoor furniture, and much more.

Discover the new Garden-ID website and browse through the brand new 2019 online catalogue.