Easy Garden : the winning concept of a green mini-enterprise

In Wallonia, gardening and Artevasi and Croix Chatelain products have inspired very young entrepreneurs. A beautiful and successful project.

The context

As part of their final year work, students from the economics option at the Institut Saint-Jean-Baptiste in Sambreville created a mini-business “Eco Garden” and an original concept: “Easy Garden”.

The goal? To allow families who do not own a garden or vegetable garden to discover gardening while maximizing their chances of succeeding in their crops.

The concept

A “trendy” gardening kit designed for budding gardeners. It includes:

  • an assortment of aromatic plant seeds – coriander, parsley, basil, mint –
  • premium quality organic potting soil;
  • river sand for drainage;
  • clay beads to hydrate the plant;
  • a design pot with ideal dimensions;
  • as well as clear and precise instructions for successful cultivation.

All sold for 8 euros.

The keys to success

The original idea is attractive and meets the expectations of modern consumers: to grow their own aromatic herbs without getting ahead of themselves. Nice pots with pep colours (fuchsia, apple green and anthracite), seeds and easy to use instructions. Gardening within everyone’s reach.

But the success of this mini-business also lies in the care taken by these students to the smallest details: clever packaging, efficient website and lively Facebook page (fed with weekly tips), posters and t-shirts in the colours and image of the brand, attractive photos and cool video.

Present in local shopping centres, they have even been featured on radio and in the regional press. In short, a well thought-out, structured and well run marketing campaign!
No wonder then that sales have exceeded the expectations of these young entrepreneurs who have already reached their break-even point and sold off their entire stock.

Bravo for this great success and great teamwork at 13!