Pest Control

Keep them away!

It is natural to want to protect your garden from all types of pests.  But how?

  • What is the most effective method?   Combat or prevention? It all depends on the degree of nuisance.
  • What is the best trap for you? Mechanical or electronic, ecological or chemical, simple or sophisticated, solutions vary depending on the type of pest. Faced with the array of methods and models, ask for advice at your point-of-sale.

​Croix Chatelain offers you a range of effective traps for every type of pest: mice, rats, voles, moles but also insects, slugs or birds as well as a large stock of anti-repellents that contain the latest technology and comply with very strict requirements:

  • Respect for the environment
  • No chemical products
  • No poison
  • Demonstrated to be effective


Electronic repellents

Used both indoors and outdoors, electronic repellents war off a whole range of unwanted visitors. These environmentally-friendly devices are an… read more →

Sound repellent 325m² (interior)

This repellent emits ultrasounds and infrasounds that irritate rats, mice, spiders, insects and fleas and has an operating indicator light.… read more →

Copper Slug Tape

It is important to place snail traps this month as from April, they lay +/- 400 eggs which will hatch… read more →

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