Solar ornaments

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The magic of solar lighting

Night after night, brighten up your garden, terrace or balcony with solar lamps and decorative lights! The choice is yours: butterflies, dragonflies, birds, snails, frogs and many other solar ornaments, standing or hanging. Enjoy!

These little playful solar lights, made of resin or perforated metal, illuminate the long evenings in the garden. They take over from the conventional lighting to create a magical atmosphere. Place them on a table or a wall, disseminate them among your plantings or suspend them in a shrub.


Choose the right location to place your solar decoration. A sunny location during the day without shade or other lighting nearby. The battery of your solar ornament charges during the day via the solar panel and will automatically switch on when it gets dark.
Regularly clean the photovoltaic cell with a non abrasive damp sponge to retain and optimize the performance of your solar decorative animal. Replace the battery if you experience any of autonomy or intensity problem in the summer. (replacement every 2 to 3 years).

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