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Solar is trendy!

Solar powered lights are sought after by gardeners and decorators as they are both decorative and practical.

  • extremely simple to install, in whatever location you desire, without causing any damage.
  • completely self-contained: no more need for electrical connections + they come on automatically.
  • functioning everywhere as long as they have been exposed to the sun during the day.

This is a way to illuminate your garden or your patio in a way that is ecological, economical and aesthetically pleasing. Each light is fitted with a little solar panel and a battery that stores the solar energy during the day and releases it at night to light its LEDs. The only limitation: you need to choose locations that are exposed to sunlight.

Which one to choose?

To be truly effective, economical and environmentally friendly, choose solar lamps that fit certain quality criteria.

  • very powerful (12 W or higher) and self-contained: example, from 8h in summer and 2.5h in winter after a day of charging
  • equipped with LEDs and made from a material that is waterproof (stainless steel)
  • with batteries that can be replaced.

Focus on lanterns

Muted candlelit ambiance or the purified ambiance of the solar lights, the lanterns bring the night to life as soon as the sun goes down.

At a low cost, they light the way for your culinary adventures and they provide a delightful backdrop to your social occasions with friends. Romantic or exotic; industrial or natural; butterflies or ice cubes; in stone, stainless steel or cane; spheres, torches or stone blocks: they blaze with light and fit in perfectly in every setting.

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