A glove for every task

There are those who like to work with bare hands, and there are others who prefer gloves so as to avoid injury and getting dirty. There are also those who wish to avoid any contact with toxic products or the stubborn smells of some products. There are technical gloves, indispensable for some work. Finally there are the cute gloves for the little hands of the apprentice gardeners.

In all cases, the right gloves make it possible to work better and to have a better grip for digging, raking or cutting and clearing.


Tell me what kind of gloves you wear and I will tell you what kind of gardener you are.

What glove to use for each situation?

It’s difficult to choose from the multitude of gloves on offer.

Gardening gloves are first and foremost an essential safety item. The use of certain tools or products can involve some risk. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Is the job big or small ? Sharpening, pruning, spraying, landscaping or renovating? There is a special glove for every task.

  • For pruning or cutting, it is better to use gloves that are thick, strong and supple to prevent cuts or scratches.
  • For more delicate work such as cutting beds, transplanting, seeding that require a greater level of dexterity, multi-purpose thin gloves are more suitable
  • For  handling toxic products or for work in wet weather you should choose waterproof gloves.

In all cases read the labels or ask for advice in order to choose the pair best suited to your type of work.


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