Croix Chatelain has selected a series of accessories in colorful colors to put you in a good mood!
A series of sticks and labels that shine in your flower boxes, in the house and in the garden.

Happy Shine

The ambition of Happy Shine: give you a smile! Its main attraction is its fluorescence and the fascinating play of light that it creates. The light of the sun fragments on its colored acrylic surface as if it were passing through a prism. A nice gift idea for all plants’ lovers that look after the little details!

Happy Drops, Think & Talk

To memorize what you planted, remember the name of a new plant or simply to sow small messages at the pleasure of the garden … for the pleasure of eyes and heart!

Flower Stake

Giant daisies with acid tones (H: 104 cm, dia: 30 cm), nothing like it to illuminate a shaded corner!

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