Hanging Baskets

Multi-coloured cascades for vertical gardens

Hanging baskets first appeared in England. Hanging baskets filled with flowers were a part of the charm of cottage gardens. A half sphere made from a strong metal lattice with wide-spaced mesh, three suspension chains joined at a hook and blossoms suddenly gain some altitude. Here they are at eye level, all around the house.

And the craze for vertical urban gardens only serves to fuel this trend. Romantic or original, wall hangings offer an aerial touch of greenery in both the garden and the house.  It is up to the imagination to create pretty effects: naturals or sophisticated, delicate or extravagant.

A few tips to make your hanging baskets a success

  1. The choice of plant. What effect are you looking for? Aesthetic or profuse, to the point where they cover the holder. Something bright and colourful to revive a dull area or maybe pastels and something romantic, creating a lovely, warm ambiance.
  2. Positioning: preferably on a facade that is half in shade and protected from air currents.
  3. Decorative effect: play with different heights and sizes. Choose contents that are extensive enough to produce abundant vegetation and plentiful blooms.
  4. Practical matters: don’t forget to make them easy to access for watering.

The baskets come with a cardboard or fibre growing bowl which has the disadvantage of allowing water to drain out too quickly. To prevent this, several gardeners reuse plastic compost bags to trim the basket, turning the black side, which is particularly discrete, to the exterior.

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