NDT : Passion for Pottery

NDT is a Dutch family business founded in 1968. Originally a producer of potting soil, NDT began importing ceramics from Italy in 1974. Over the years, the company specializes in the production of pottery in various materials. Always attentive to customers, the product lines gradually diversify to meet the new expectations of the market.

Under the label “Passion for Pottery”, NDT offers a wide assortment of pottery of high quality, in different sizes, shapes and colors.

  • A “lightweight” range of organic materials, naturally lightweight and easy to move.
  • A “design” collection in glazed porcelain stoneware of high quality, resistant to frost and UV and available in fashionable colors
  • A “basic” range in terracotta, timeless but contemporary

Attached to the aesthetic and decorative aspect of its pottery, NDT offers contemporary pots in trendy colors, but also practical and timeless models to beautify each garden and each house.


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