Mondum: smart, stylish, Mediterranean

Between design accessory and clever planter, this ingenious and practical new range gives free rein to everyone’s creativity to meet every need and preference as closely as possible.

Designed by Zoran Jedrejcic, an award-winning Hungarian designer who has worked with leading brands, the Mediterraneo range is completely modular and designed to invite itself inside and outside the home.

Since form, accessories and feet are assembled like a kit, each product becomes a personal creation, made to measure. Round or square shapes, with or without shelf, leg heights and fashion colours (white, red, tortora, black, anthracite): choose and compose as you wish!

Mondum products are made of high quality, UV and impact resistant polypropylene. The modular legs are made of aluminium. And thanks to the incorporated water reserve, each product gives you a feeling of freedom and the assurance that your plants will be well cared for. For more details, refer to the outdoor catalogue, pp 26-27.



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