A potted garden on your terrace

You dream of a garden but you only have a very unwelcoming little terrace! What if you laid out a potted garden there to make it an oasis of greenery where you would enjoy sitting down at the first sign of the sun. Let yourself be guided and start by choosing a few planters and pots of various sizes and shapes to structure the space.

Play on volumes and heights

You probably have a little idea about the choice of plants. But don't neglect containers because they are just as important. Indeed, they reinforce (or not) the graphic and visual effect of the whole. Depending on the brand, you will also find different materials and effects: stone effect, terracotta, diamond, marbled, matt or shiny. It all depends on your tastes and creativity.

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Preserve your privacy with large planters and climbers

To preserve your privacy, choose small conifers, bamboo or bushes with colourful foliage. Grow them in tall planters. Choose them large and well drained.


Be careful though: potted plants need more care: watering, fertilization and regular cleaning are the keys to success.

Grow high to save space

You can, in a very modern way, multiply the number of planters in height and pots hanging on the wall, or even, if you are a handyman, build a structure (in wooden pallets or found in a flea market) to transform your outdoor space.

Choose the colours according to the exposure

If your terrace enjoys a beautiful sunshine, create a harmony of colours and scents with generously flowering compositions. Feel free to recreate a Mediterranean atmosphere by welcoming a palm tree, an olive tree, oleander or lavender in a pot.

If, on the other hand, your terrace is rather shaded, prefer plants such as begonias, fuchsia or impatience that will bring joyful multicoloured touches.

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