5 tips for selling to 20-35 year olds

Seducing the Millennials (the 20/35 year old generation) is an important issue for all merchants. They represent nearly 30% of the population… and a huge pool of clients with expectations that are often very different from those of their elders. This hyper-connected audience forces you to rethink your commercial approach.

Young adults have a different relationship to brands and products. They create more points of contact with stores, which have more opportunities to reach them. They are also three times more likely to follow them on social networks.


Here are 5 tips to apply in your business to attract this group of customers.

1. Propose options

Young people like to stand out and do things their own way. They want to be able to create their own personal style.

Multiply the colors, patterns and variations of the same product. Even better, plan modular elements that can be changed according to your mood.

2. Make it easy to buy

Millennials like to shop online and via their smartphone. And this trend is growing very fast. The purchase is just a click away. Adapt to these new trends!

Optimize your website to provide the best possible mobile experience. Then add a one-click shopping feature like Amazon or another form of e-commerce.

3. Share your knowledge

Young people are used to having all the information at hand. They love DIY (doing things themselves). Brico understood it well who targets the makers.
But young people don’t know much about gardening and they are eager to learn. It is therefore an opportunity to support them and share your know-how.

TipGet into content marketing. Answer the questions you are asked about gardening and garden design. Start a blog, give simple tips through videos or Instagram photos, and answer questions on social networks.

4. Listen to and value customer reviews

Whether it is to design their house or garden, to go on holiday or to choose a restaurant, the younger generations like to trust the opinions of others… and share their opinions. Giving their opinion is for them a way of life but also to ensure that they are not fooled. Thus, on social networks, they are happy to give their opinion and check the opinions of others to validate their choices before making a purchase.

By encouraging and moderating comments on social networks (Facebook, Instagram or other), you will obtain quality information that will allow you to improve the customer experience.

5. Create a better future

Unlike past generations, having a company that has been known for a long time is not enough to attract the Millennials. They are much more interested in what you can offer them today and what you plan to do to make their future greener and cleaner.

Adapt your messages for your younger customers. Talk about your vision and long-term goals. What matters to them, even more than price, is the quality and usefulness of the products and services you offer. Their question: “What can this product do for me?”

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