3 good reasons to install a bird feeder

Winter is often harsh for birds. Don’t forget the little songbirds who have enlivened your garden all year round.  Be sure to feed them. You are guaranteed to be rewarded with a wonderful spectacle in return.

Take care of your feathered friends

There are at least three reasons to install a birdfeeder for birds in winter:

  • it helps them to survive when food is scarce and hard to find,
  • you can observe blue tits, greenfinches, chaffinches and many more… from the comfort of your own home,
  • feeding them encourages them to stay and have their young nearby.

What type of bird feeder and what food should you use?

Ask for advice at your garden centre, specialists will show you how to care for your garden birds.

But right now, Croix Chatelain offers you some bird feeders that are both decorative and practical.